Bioidentical Hormone Success Stories

I am 56 years old and am a practicing Chiropractor. I have been on the BEST program for over a year. I was feeling tired and sluggish, carrying 20 pounds more than I wanted, and had a low libido and all the other things that go with it. Dr. Fisher put me on Bioidentical hormones, HGH and Thyroid pills. I have lost the 20 pounds and am going for another 10! I feel great, am working out 3 times a week and feel much stronger. My libido is back to what it was in my 30’s and my husband couldn’t be happier. I would recommend this program as a physician and as a patient. Thank you to all the BEST program Team! – Los Angeles, CA  

I am a 69-year old editor that is enjoying the best upper body muscle definition I have ever had–thanks I’m sure to my weekly testosterone injections. I walk 60 minutes a day, lift weights 3-4 times a week, spend much time fishing and diving, and have lots of energy. Sex is better, even my eyesight is better, I don’t need reading glasses for restaurant menus anymore (didn’t know testosterone could do that, but I looked it up, it can.) Am so happy I did this! – Boca Raton, FL

The BEST Program has changed my life for the better. I have so much more energy and am thinking so much clearer. I am most grateful for the personable staff. Everyone is just so easy to talk to, attentive to my needs and seem like they have been my friends forever.” – Pompano Beach, FL  

I am a 57 year old, professional in the automotive industry and the BEST program has allowed me to maximize my exercise routines and show real results in a short period of time. – Troy, Michigan

I am, at 53, in the best shape of my life. And I mean SHAPE. And I mean SHAPE. I am lean and trim and am doing Crossfit. I am competing with guys twenty years younger and am winning as I am in life.
– Madison, Wisconsin  

I am a 46 year old female. I am a Nurse Practitioner. I started seeing Dr. Fisher a year ago. I have been suffering with very bad PMS and lack of energy. Dr. Fisher started me on his protocol with Bio identical hormones and supplement suggestion. I am happy to report that my PMS has gotten better and I have more energy. His staff is very friendly, proficient and helpful. – West Palm Beach, FL  

I am a 36 year old law enforcement professional and have been using the BEST Program for 3.5 months. Thanks to the help of Dr. Fisher and his knowledgeable staff, my life has changed. – Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am 52 years old, retired Orthopedic Physician Assistant. Dr. Fisher has given me my knees back. I am able to lung deeper and squat lower than I ever have. I am also able to tolerate 2 gym sessions per day. The first being lifting with cardio intervals. – Corapolis, PA  

After being on the BEST program for little under a year, I have been able to remove all medications for Fibromyalgia. I have lost weight, increased energy and been able to sleep through the night.
– At 41, I am enjoying being a full time Mom!

The hormones you recommended are a God send. I had such dry skin and was cold all the time. I was so irritable, anxious, and nervous and sleep was nearly impossible due to night sweats. The heart racing is gone and I now love all of the energy and we are having more sex than when we first met. Even the bladder problems are gone. I even got the gym membership and am exercising once again! I now know why Suzanne Somers raves about Bio-identical hormones – they are great!” – Realtor (age 54) Fort Lauderdale, Florida  

“I suffered with the worst post menopausal symptoms including hot flashed and sweats and my mood was so bad. I am now a ‘BEST patient!’ and have my life back. So much more energy and my sex life is back. My husband is going to come see you next week – he can’t believe the change in me!”
– Bookkeeper (age 47) Fort Lauderdale, FL  

“I saw another specialty clinic for erectile dysfunction and wasn’t happy. Your treatments not only fixed the problem and I also look so much better and have the sexual energy I had in my twenties. I use the Viagra you gave me however at times rely on the injections. I am happy you offer both the hormone replacement as well as the ED injections. My wife and I are very happy with the program!” 
– Retired Airline Pilot (age 63) Fort Lauderdale, Florida